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Classes & Services
Safety Issues

We offer a *variety of cardio and strength training classes - read the descriptions of these classes below.

*Please note that classes may be added and/or deleted from the monthly schedule at any time.  Not all classes listed below may be listed on the current monthly schedule.  Check the current monthly schedule on this website for a list of classes currently offered and call or email the Studio with any questions you may have about class availability.

Cardio / Zumba® Classes

Zumba® combines high energy and motivating music with unique moves and combinations that allow the participants to dance away their worries & 500-700 calories. It is based on the principle that a workout should be "FUN AND EASY TO DO" in order for Zumba® participants to stick to the Zumba® fitness program to achieve long-term health benefits. Zumba® is not only great for the body, but is also great for the mind. It is a "feel-happy" workout. . .be prepared to sweat!

Zumba® for Beginner Level (Zumba® Gold)
Zumba® Beginner (Gold) is designed for the active older adult population or the true beginner (deconditioned participant). It addresses the anatomical, physiological and psychological needs specific to these populations. This class IS good for all ages and for those looking for a less intense (lighter) workout than a regular Zumba® class...and it is just as FUN!   The Zumba® Gold Chair class is the same concept, but the participants sit in a chair while exercising.

Zumba® Toning
ZUMBA® TONING takes the original Zumba® dance-fitness class to the next level utilizing an innovative muscle training protocol and the addition of light weight toning sticks. Created to emphasize muscle work along with rhythms, this combination of cardio and dynamic resistive exercises is an effective use of progressive light weight training to improve overall performance. This Latin-inspired dance 'n tone program also includes, for the first time, combination rhythms within the same songs which adds the fun and flavor: Latin Disco, Reggaeton-Cumbia, Conga Hip-Hop, Merengue Hip-Hop, Reggaeton-Belly Dance, Techno and Salsa. This program is assured to provide the participant with a safe & effective, redefining total body workout! Zumba® Toning creates the same party atmosphere as every other Zumba® program because the rhythm of the dance is the passion and foundation which keeps the participant engaged and coming back. Zumba® Toning is fun, different, challenging and effective and provides, for the participant, a new avenue to weighted activity.

Zumba® + Strength
his is a Zumba® class which at some point during the workout will incorporate different forms of weight training.

Zumba® for Kids
Zumb® for Kids is a specially designed class for children ages 4-12. With dance, music, exercise and energy, Zumb® for Kids is a fun, healthy program for children using the Zumba® Fitness concept. It helps to develop a healthy lifestyle including learning in leadership, respect, team work, pride, confidence and responsibility as well as developing coordination, balance, discipline, memory and creativity.

Zumba Sentao™
The Zumba Sentao™ workout takes the thrill of the fitness-party and partners it with explosive, chair-based choreography to strengthen, balance and stabilize your core, and step up your cardio work in a whole new way. Grab a chair, feel the beat and learn how to use your own body weight to enhance muscle strength, improve definition and endurance, and tone your physique. Strut, shake and shimmy as you work your core (and work the chair) in a high-energy fitness-party that will keep you on the edge of your seat!

TSF Club Cardio and Cardio Bounce
This class is designed to build your cardio endurance through dance fitness using a variety of styles and the popular music of TODAY.  It's a cardio party you don't want to miss!

LaBlast Fitness®
LaBlast® is a fun-filled, high energy dance fitness class that will both challenge and inspire people of all ages and fitness levels, while dancing to a wide variety of music.  Music is a key component, ranging from pop, rock, hip hop, country, disco, and everything in between, to create a fun, energetic club-like atmosphere. The result is a thrilling experience that makes you addicted to dance, and it's completely partner free!  Whether you want to tone your body, maintain a healthy lifestyle, learn to dance, or just have a great time, LaBlast® offers something for everyone! It's a Blast!

LaBlast Silk  
This LaBlast Format is for anyone that prefers lower impact on the muscles and an atmosphere where a slower pace is enjoyed, Regardless of age, gender or physical condition, LaBlast Silk is one of the most accessible entry formats into the LaBlast Brand. When you participate in LaBlast Silk you will dance to your favorite music from all eras, genres and artists at a very enjoyable BPM, still burning calories yet being mindful of physical conditions. While enjoying a silky smooth LaBlast ride, you will strengthen your body over time! Out with the pain... In with the gain!

LaBlast Shape  
If you have enjoyed LaBlast Silk for a while and are ready to reach bigger goals, or  just looking to up your game and shake up your workout, LaBlast Shape is just right for you. When you are familiar with dance or heavy workouts and are up for the challenge, LaBlast Shape is is ready to welcome you. Expect big BPM changes, a full interval workout, intense muscle endurance from dances such as Paso Doble' and multiple dances in a row for strength training. LaBlast Shape will blast the maximum amount of calories in minimal time, utilizing high intensity intervals of dance followed by slower, or recovery dance patterns that elevate your heart rate and burn fat. This format will whip you into shape in no time!

LaBlast Line Dancing  
LaBlast Line Dancing is the newest expression of LaBlast Fitness("Fitness Powered By Dance") from the mind of LaBlast Fitness creator, three-time world champion Louis Van Amstel. You will enjoy line dancing using ballroom patterns from favorite dances like Salsa, Samba, Disco, Cha Cha, Jive, Paso Doble', Viennese Waltz and Foxtrot!

POUND is a full-body cardio jam session, combining light resistance with constant simulated drumming. The workout fuses cardio, Pilates, isometric movements, plyometrics and Isometric poses into a 45-minute series. Burn between 400 and 900+ calories per hour, strengthen and sculpt infrequently used muscles, and drum your way to a leaner, slimmer physique – all while rocking out to your favorite music!


Zumba for Kids Parties at The Studio Fitness!
Have your kid's birthday party, or ANY special kid party, at The Studio Fitness and make it a Zumba for Kids Party!  $150 for a group of ten (10) or less; $10 for each additional child.  Price includes tables, chairs and a 30 minute Zumba for Kids class.  Call the Studio for additional information or to schedule a party.  937.387.0660






Strength/Toning/Combo Classes

Let Doug & Kris PUMP! you up to a full hour of weight training from Bach to Rock and beyond.  This class is geared towards any fitness level.

Fresh Start - Beginner Toning
A resistance training that has been created for every "body."  Getting started with strength training can be confusing--what exercises should you do? How many sets and reps? How much weight? With "Fresh Start" we can help you by taking out the guesswork and start you on a new path to a more toned body.

This is not a class for the hard core body builder. "Fresh Start" was created to assist all of our students in achieving higher fitness goals. There is NO FLOOR OR MAT WORK! Moves are basic, and warm up and cool down stretch are also added elements. Anyone can start this class at anytime, it is not progressive.  The challenge you will experience will be within yourself and at your own pace. Building confidence as you go, you choose the weights, and increase when the time is right for you.

If you want to lose fat or change your body, one of the most important things you can do is resistance training. If you've hesitated to start a strength training program, it may motivate you to know that lifting weights can:

The Ultimate Workout
Zumba® + Zumba Toning® + PUMP!
Are you ready for the Total Package? The Ultimate Workout will rev your fat-burning metabolism and boost your muscle building all in one great class!  Zumba® gives you cardio, Zumba Toning® adds more cardio and endurance training through the use of light-weights as a muscle stimulus for heavier lifting, and finally PUMP! helps to increase muscular strength while it sculpts and tones the body.

This all-in-one workout is the ultimate combination!  You've got nothing to lose but inches and add years to your life. 

Functional Fitness / Core Training
Functional Fitness system uses real world movements (lifting, stooping and reaching) to improve balance, coordination and strength. Functional Fitness uses strength training to improve balance and ease of daily living. Functional fitness and special fitness programs for older adults are closely related. Core Training specifically emphasizes conditioning of the middle-body muscles, including the pelvis, lower back, hips and abdomen – all of which provide needed support for the spine. 

Total Body Tabata
Tabata is a form of high intensity interval training. It is a method that is much more beneficial than regular moderate intensity training (jogging, biking, skipping, and so forth) and much more fun. Like many other exercises and forms of workouts; you must be committed and determined to put forth all your energy in the exercise. The Tabata Training Method is an advanced form of exercise and it requires you to be fit as well as mentally strong. The method is designed so that it lasts 4 minutes long; however, within those 4 minutes you have to go through 8 intervals, each lasting 20 seconds at a very high intensity. This class will push your muscles to the limit with cardio intervals in between. You've never felt fatigue in a group fitness class until you've taken this one! Join us for an awesome workout, if you're up to it!

Come try the latest Hollywood fitness craze! PILOXING uniquely blends the power, speed and agility of boxing with the beautiful sculpting and flexibility of Pilates. It is a fat torching, muscle sculpting, core-centric interval workout, guaranteed to whip you into shape. PILOXING is the brainchild of Swedish dancer and celebrity trainer Viveca Jensen.

Kettlebell Form and Technique
This highly recommended - but not mandatory - class is for new and current Kettlebell students. Instructor focuses on introduction of proper form and technique for handling and swinging a kettlebell plus other kettlebell moves including the "clean," "clean and press" and "snatch." Instructor will also focus on anything a student needs extra help with.  Class offered the second and fourth Tuesday of the month 7:30 pm. Taught by Instructor Chris.

Booty Barre®
A sexy, energetic, fun workout that fuses fitness techniques from Dance, Pilates, and Yoga that will tone, define and chisel the whole body. And get this… you don’t even need any dance experience and you certainly don’t need a partner! The Booty Barre® method is the perfect combination of strength and flexibility with added cardio to burn fat fast. 

Hardcore HIIT 30 / Core Training
30 minutes at 80% max heart rate and higher (will continue to burn calories for following 12 hours) followed by 15 minutes of hardcore core work. Modifications will be shown!

"Cut to the Core" Strength
A 30-minute blast of strength training with a special focus on the core and upper body.


Personal Training

Visit our Personal Training page to learn more...

Session Classes

Pole Chair/Fit Fusion w/Julie
This new class is for anyone wanting to tone and sculpt your body in the most unique ways, leaving you wanting more! This class will work as a progression in five weeks and by the end you will learn a fun, flirty routine that will leave you feeling strong and confident. It combines a "fusion" of styles of dance and fitness incorporating the pole and chair as resistance. There are no drop-ins for this class due to the routine that is going to be learned during the five-week session.

We have three poles in our studio. To ensure that every person in a Pole Fit class has the proper instruction that they need, the class size is limited to nine participants. All classes are presented in a comfortable, supportive, and tasteful environment. Private instruction is also available by appointment.


Latin Dance Lessons w/Jorge
Beginner & Intermediate classes with Jorge.  If you are interested in private dance lessons or have a group of 10 or more, please contact The Studio Fitness!



Additional Services


Zumba for Kids Parties at The Studio Fitness!
Have your kid's birthday party, or ANY special kid party, at The Studio Fitness and make it a Zumba for Kids Party!  $150 for a group of ten (10) or less; $10 for each additional child.  Price includes tables, chairs and a 30 minute Zumba for Kids class.  Call the Studio for additional information or to schedule a party.  937.387.0660





Nutritional Supplements
The Studio Fitness carries exceptional protein powder and supplements! 

Beverly International Ultimate Muscle Protein: Shakes in Chocolate or Vanilla, DELICIOUS! Help gain and maintain lean tissue/muscle. Use as a snack or meal replacement.
Beverly International Lean Out: Powerful mix of fat loss ingredients WITHOUT caffeine or stimulants, helps convert stored fat into energy and enables the body to hold more muscle, ingredient to aid in clearer thinking.
Beverly International Glutamine Select: combats post workout fatigue and supports faster recovery of muscles after workout, aids in building muscle and losing fat, NO carbs or sugar. 


Quest Protein Bars: · NO sugar · NO glycerine · NO soy protein · NO junk ingredients · 100% natural · Gluten-free · 20+ grams of protein per bar · Only 4-6 grams of non-fiber carbs · Only high-quality, bioavailable proteins. 

LOSING FAT WITH QUEST BARS  If you're looking to get leaner, these bars let you do just that - with the added convenience of being able to quickly get a meal on the go. As the only truly low-carb bar on the market that's made with real food ingredients.  Quest Bars will also curb your hunger  - because they are packed with fiber, you'll find that they are very filling. The natural fats and proteins will further keep your appetite satisfied for hours - making sure that you can easily stay away from eating higher calorie, less nutritious fare.

ADDING MUSCLE WITH QUEST BARS  If you're trying to add muscle, about the only thing that everyone can agree on is that you're going to need protein to do it. Getting in the right amount of protein isn't easy - especially if you're on the run or don't have time to prepare your own meals. Getting in your protein without taking in a lot of extra calories can be difficult if you're not preparing your own meals and Quest Bars help you get in the protein you need while keeping the calories down. And by almost eliminating carb calories - they help ensure that the pounds you do put on are muscle - not fat.

Protein Powder - Vanilla MilkshakeMIX - BAKE - CREATE with QUEST Protein Powders
Excellent Nutrition  No Soy * No Added Sugar * Gluten-Free * Bakes Well * 23g Protein
Quest Protein Powders are made from the highest quality protein sources including whey isolate, micellar casein and milk protein isolate. We believe the greatest measure of a protein powder is its protein-to-calories percentage. The higher the better. Quest Protein Powder has one of the highest percentages of any protein because we don’t add any junk. It’s just amazing taste and excellent nutrition.


All the items are in stock at the front desk. Let us help you achieve your fitness goals.