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Testimonials Page 2

Attending to your Mental Health at Studio Fitness

By Theresa K.  RN

The first week of October was declared Mental Health Awareness week by the US Congress. As we think about the difficulties of some people who have mental health needs all of the time, it also makes sense to think about the fact that all of us have mental health needs some of the time. As a mental health nurse I want to talkabout recognizing and caring for yourself when those times arise in your life.

First, when will this occur? Even in the most normal and well supported emotional life, we anticipate that our parents will die before we do. The death of a parent is a normal time for having trouble emotionally and needing to attend to our mental health to be able to recover and move on. Saying, “I’m strong enough to get through this until it is over,” is not what I am talking about.  I’m talking about acknowledging the emotional weakness and insecurity that is natural when this type of event occurs and making an effort to take care of your self until those feelings of instability have turned back to a spirit of hope in the future.  But does anyone even have a perfectly normal life? As they have said since the time of Ancient Greece: Be kind to everyone you meet, because you have no idea what battles they are fighting.  Divorce and Bankruptcy may be very necessary tools to move you forward in life, but they are still going to cause great emotional distress. Private stories of bullying, abuse, death of an acquaintance, or multiple other person to person traumas can also cause temporary or lifelong issues with stable mental health. And even the good and positive things we do, like marrying, getting a new job, or having a baby can create issues of change and newness that cause stress and demand that we do some mental health soothing to survive.

Second, what should be done?  When you find yourself saying, “I’m just not myself” you are probably having a lapse in mental health hygiene. No, you are not sick! One of the points of mental health awareness week is to reduce stigma. We need to understand that having episodes of not feeling like ourselves due to stress, change and circumstances outside our control is a normal part of life. That awareness reduces the stigma of mental health need because we all have times we can identify with having mental health needs. You need to eat to stay healthy, in the same way, learn to take care of your mental health to stay healthy, too. Enjoying the support and help of others for mental health is often associated with enjoying a social dinner. We know this but we tend to talk about the good food and not the good emotional support. The first week of October, try to acknowledge both.

Third, how can this be done? I’m a nurse, and if you were my patient we could talk about that, but everyone is different and the final answer to which activities and actions bring you back to feeling like yourself again is up to you. I can give you some generalities but primarily your own evaluation of what is and isn’t working for you is the point of mental health awareness.  If you know well what helps you feel true to yourself then just do a check up this week to see if you are really doing it or if you have been neglecting your mental health. We are informed by many experts that nutrition and exercise help your body and mind by improving productive use of energy. Music is also a good therapy for mental health.

Fourth, what has this got to do with Studio Fitness? I have been a member of Studio Fitness for two months and the atmosphere is everything a person needs when feeling emotionally distressed. It has fantastic music! The atmosphere is supportive and there are a variety of classes so that you can choose a level and time that suits you. You don’t have to tell anyone your needs if you don’t want to, but doing dancing and exercise as a group helps to enjoy the pleasure of company even if you don’t feel like talking. Maybe that is better said: especially if you don’t feel like talking. Joining a group that is focused on something besides your troubles can be a form of escape from those troubles and belonging to a group with a positive focus can help lift your personal focus.

The Studio Fitness is having some free classes during mental health awareness week just to give people a chance to come and see what is available for making plans to take care of their mental health.

This year make mental health awareness a part of your own personal plan for self care and you will find yourself becoming a more empathetic and accepting person who helps remove the stigma from mental health treatment.

Thank you Theresa K. For your wisdom, encouragement and being a Studio Unlimited ULTIMATE Member.



Studio Unlimited ULTIMATE Member Katy K's beautiful journey.  


This mind and body is taking me places...

Studio Unlimited ULTIMATE Member and friend, Katy K. Butler Township, Ohio 

Generalized anxiety disorder. I really don't like labels but I've been given this label. If we are really being truthful, don't all people have some degree of anxiety? My anxiety would sometimes lead me into bouts of depression. I really didn't know how to manage it and at times throughout my adult life needed medication to cope with it. But when I started exercising consistently my anxiety and my ability to effectively deal with it began to change. Just over two years ago I took some steps to take control of my health. Some may believe that exercising regularly will contribute to a healthier physical body. And I am here to tell you, for me indeed it has.  I've lost over 80 pounds and changed the shape of my body and increased my strength. But the changes that occur within the mind are countless. Exercise helps me manage my daily stress which reduces my anxiety. When I exercise my mind is 100% in the moment and being in the moment is a healthy place for my "over thinking" mind! Fear is anxiety's partner. Overcoming my fears of not being good enough, not being strong enough, and not looking "the part" have increased my confidence insurmountably. This conquering of fears and increase in confidence has reduced my anxieties. I still deal with it but I have not needed medication to help control it since I began my exercise program. My mind tends to want to go back to the "anxious" way of thinking still but because exercise brought about a different way of thinking about challenges, I can help push my way of thinking in a different, more healthy way of thinking.  For me, exercise is changing me physically, mentally and emotionally. We can only see the physical but our mental/emotional components are really who we truly are.

I never thought I would be able to post this before pic until I reached my "goal weight". But today I was reminded of loving our bodies while shopping at Lane Bryant.  I grew up with a lot of shame and self hatred when it came to my body. But throughout my journey I have learned that this body of mine is worth loving...then, now and in my future.  The body I started with did Zumba and Kettlebell. It overcame great feats and still is. My mind has changed right alongside this body. Through God's grace and love I am learning to change my mind set.  Sometimes it wants to go back to its old way of thinking and there have been many setbacks and bumps along the way.   My fitness friends and family's encouragement has been a constant source of positive energy for me.  The Studio Fitness instructors, Doug and Joan Jones have been blessings to me throughout this journey.  The K.B. crew holds a special place in my heart. They are my fellow warriors. God brought me to them in his timing. It has almost been two years and I intend to hit a loss of 100 pounds soon. Started at a size 26/28 and now I wear an 18 and some 16s.  I am proud of where I am today. This body is taking me places.  #ThisBody  #ThisMind I think I'll go on with my bad self now!! See you at TSF . 

Mentally. Physically. Spiritually. FIT  

Each person comes into this world with a specific destiny- he has something to fulfill, some message has to be delivered, some work to be completed. You are not here accidentally- you are here meaningfully. There is a purpose behind you. The whole intends to do something through you. - Osho

It has been over two years ago that I walked through the doors at The Studio Fitness. I'm still on my journey and always will be. There's been many highs and many lows along the way.  I am forever grateful that God sent me to TSF. I have lost over 80 pounds but gained more in emotional and spiritual health than can be expressed.

"It is good to have an end to journey toward; but it is the journey that matters in the end."-Ernest Hemingway

Thanks to Studio Fitness ULTIMATE Member Katy K. for continuing to share your journey with us.

When asked what made her start to take control of her health, Katy Kuns says, "I was getting older, 45 almost 46 when I started at TSF. I knew that if I didn't make a change I was headed for misery in my later years."

"I have posted many times about my wellness journey. Mostly I've told of my triumphs and my weight loss. This journey ebbs and flows just like in life. Today I want to keep it real... today I am reflecting on setbacks. For anyone who has over a 100 pounds to lose or knows and loves someone in this position, then you know how important it is to keep your mind and thoughts in shape. Yes, of course your body must stay in motion and what you put into your body is important. But if the mind isn't in charge those things can't happen.

If you read my posts then you know I have spoken of my trials with anxiety and depression. These are monsters to healthy, positive thoughts. Somehow as a child I learned that food could bring me comfort when my mind was anxious or when I was depressed. I still must fight against this idea today.  I also sometimes struggle with proper food choices because I don't food prep or plan ahead. I haven't been making good nutritional choices and this has caused me to gain about ten pounds. The negative thought monster says, "You can't do this, time to give up this fight'".

But one of the most important lessons I have learned at The Studio Fitness is never give up no matter how hard it is. The most physically challenging moments of my life thus far have occurred in Kettlebell Fit class. There have been times where I've been in tears to push my body to do what it takes to get the job done. However Doug, Dr. Dave, Joan and Staci were always there, motivating and encouraging me to keep going. And so here I sit today reflecting on these ten pounds. I know this will not stop me.

The weight came off so much more quickly in the first year and the sizes were dropping. These past 6 months have been so slow. The reward of weight loss wasn't a constant reminder and motivator to keep going. It is in the moments when we are faced with adversity that we must dig deep and rise above it. Motivation and Discipline and  Consistency are the big three, both in the gym and with nutrition. The gym and exercise is the best part of this journey. Yes I'm sore. I've had tennis elbow, runner's knee, plantar fasciitis, and sore knees. I'm 48 years old and I damaged my body from years of being morbidly obese. This will not stop me. A body in motion will stay in motion. But I allowed to let consistency and discipline slide in my nutrition. I will get it back. Setbacks are a part of this journey. There are lessons hidden within. I'm going to learn from this and keep on going.

I love my body now and will not allow myself to speak negatively about it or to it. My positive mind will rise above the negative mind. The greatest gifts of the positive mind are hope, kindness, and love. They will win because they always do, right?"




People I know have been saying, “You look great!  What have you been doing?”  I say eating “heart healthy” and doing Zumba!

After a visit to my doctor’s office in January of this year, I received a wakeup call.  My “numbers” were a little high and the doctor wanted to put me on drugs.  I told him that I wanted to try to get the numbers in line myself by eating healthier and with exercise rather than taking the prescribed drugs.  I started on a “heart healthy” diet immediately and shortly thereafter started a daily routine of walking.  The weight was slowly starting to come off and I was beginning to get my energy back.  But I knew I needed something else to really get the results I wanted.  I love to dance and I thought I would enjoy Zumba as a form of exercise.  Little did I know what I was getting myself into! 

In May I started attending the Zumba Gold classes 3 days a week.  From the minute I walked into the Studio, I was made to feel welcome!  My instructor, Marianne, was warm and encouraging from the moment we met.  One of the things that I liked was the fact that we could go at our own pace and it was low impact.  Marianne’s instruction made it easy to follow and to learn to do the steps proficiently, making it easier to perform the moves and eventually challenge ourselves. After a couple of weeks, I started attending more classes and became a regular at the studio 5 days a week.  Besides the excellent cardio workout from Zumba, we also work on toning and strengthening which is integrated into some of the classes.  The classes offer a well-rounded approach to weight loss and fitness!

When I tell people I attend Zumba 5 days a week, they look surprised and say they don’t have that kind of time to work out because they work at a job! I let them know that I am not retired and am a busy Real Estate Broker with my own company working at least 65 hours a week.   At the risk of sounding “preachy”, I say it’s a personal choice. After all, we are the master of our own destiny!    After years of taking care of everybody else’s needs first, I made a conscious decision to do something for myself!  I decided to prioritize “my” time and schedule an appointment with myself and not allow anything to interfere with that schedule.   It was that easy!  Of course, it makes it easier to stay committed to this routine as it is so much fun and the results are spectacular…..both physically and psychologically.  I really look forward to my “workouts” and am so thankful that I discovered The Studio. 

In late July, after just 3 months of Zumba, I visited my sister who lives out of state and I hadn’t seen her since February.  When I arrived at her home, I noticed her staring at me and she said….”Wow, you look great!  What have you been doing?”  Not only did she notice the weight loss, but she saw that my body was more fit and toned!  She couldn’t believe it!  She said, “You look 20 years younger!”   Who doesn’t like to hear that!  More importantly, my energy level is much improved and I know I am healthier!  Yes, it’s a choice and to protect your quality of life, it is well worth it!

Recently, it was necessary for me to have a photo of myself made for a marketing campaign.  Like a lot of people, I dread getting my picture taken!  And to top it off, it needed to be what’s called a “3/4” shot, which in addition to the face includes most of the body!  With my improved fitness, my confidence level is much better and I think it shows in the photo!  When I updated my Facebook profile photo, the response was overwhelming!  Friends, family and colleagues were amazed at the difference in my appearance…..most of them noticing that I looked younger!  They probably thought the photo had been “doctored”, but it wasn’t.  I wanted the photo to be appropriate and natural.  For the most part, I am happy with the result!

This is my story and while I tried to keep the message short, it is so difficult to be brief when your experience has been so positive!  It may sound a little corny, but Zumba and The Studio have made all the difference in my life!  The rippling effect of my routine that has made me a healthier, happier and more confident person has impacted those around me.  They benefit from my extra energy and more cheerful disposition.   Yes, it is necessary to have a strong level of commitment to be successful in anything you do! When you have the support, encouragement, and affirmation that I have experienced at The Studio, it helps tremendously to attain your goals!   Soon I will be returning to my doctor and am anticipating that he will find me in better health!  I am anxious to know if my approach worked!

Of course, I never get tired of hearing, “You look great!  What have you been doing?” 

Molly Petkus, CRS


About three years ago, I walked into The Studio Fitness for the first time. I was really impressed with the Zumba instructors and the organization of this small business. It started out with a punch card for $65 that would give me 10 classes. That would only be $6.50 a class, compared to their $10 drop-in class. The punch card lasted me about 3 weeks going three times a week. Then I was introduced to the gold Studio Unlimited card. I sat down with my trusty ol' calculator to figure out if I would be saving money. If I signed up for the Studio Unlimited option the price of the card (tax and all) would be $73.83 and would be taken directly out of my charge card monthly. I am very committed to working out so I figured with this new card, I could actually go everyday, and it would only cost me $2.39 a day. WOW!!!! I could really stay in shape and not have to sweat the money, only the fat. So I signed up for Studio Unlimited and have been going ever since... EVERYDAY!!!

~ Sandy, Vandalia

Since I walked through the doors of The Studio Fitness over 3 years ago, I have had the immense
pleasure of attending many of the classes that the studio has had to offer. Each instructor and class has
always offered something different, whether that may be cardio, strength, toning, style, technique or a
level of learning. The ability to have those choices has helped me to find what works for my body type
and have allowed me to reach several personal fitness goals. For that, I would simply like to say "Thank
You" to all the instructors for their dedication and hard work that goes into creating their classes.

I have never been the type of person that could exercise at home. It was impossible to stay focused,
there was always something better to do and with years of lower back problems, it was very difficult to
learn modifications. When I initially heard about Kettlebell, I had major doubts that it could help me
reach my next fitness goal ...... reducing the ever present belly bulge. I will be the first to gladly admit
that I was wrong about Kettlebell and what could be accomplished.

In the 2 months since I began taking The Studio's Kettlebell class, I am excited to say that I have been
able to shed another 1 1/2" from my waist, tone up my hips and thighs while dropping an additional 4
pounds! These results would not have been possible without the assistance and direction of The Studio
Fitness Kettlebell instructors (Doug, Jennifer and Chris). All three of them are fabulous instructors with
their own styles and they make it a priority that each student knows the proper technique of using a
Kettlebell, each student is properly stretched out prior to beginning the routine, which usually last 20-30
minutes, provide modifications when needed and that Kettlebell is a class that can be experienced by
anyone willing to put in the work ...... in addition to all that we just have FUN!

As every week passes, I am closer to reaching my latest fitness goal and looking forward to making a
new one but I know that my fitness success would not have been possible without Doug and Joan and
their vision of providing all of us with The Studio Fitness so a very special, heartfelt "Thank you" goes out
to the both of you!

~ Dina P, Dayton (40)

“I’ll never let myself gain weight when I get older, mom.”
Those are the words I said to my mother time and time again when she would remind me that my horrible eating habits would catch up to me someday. Little did I know that turning 25 would make those words haunt me. Over the past year and 1/2 I have managed to put on noticeable weight which prompted new clothing to fit my body. Yuck!

 It wasn’t until about 4months ago when I photographed an event at Company 7 BBQ that I even considered working out. (I hated the thought of droning through the same steps over and over again on a treadmill) That event happened to be for a local Zumba group called The Studio Fitness. Joan and Doug coordinate one of the largest Zumba facilities in all of Ohio. For about 8 weeks now, I have been in their studio, at minimum, 3x a week and mostly for two hours at a time. If you think you’ve done zumba before, you haven’t until you’ve tried one of their classes. It is amazing how I feel after leaving. Most days I go in after a rough day at work or just in a sour mood and I leave feeling like a very different person. I’m not going on about them because it’s to my benefit or for theirs but because I have to tell you that day by day they’re changing me. Not just for my appearance, but for my health and spirit. I can’t wait to get in there. Doug and Joan are like no two people I’ve met before and I’m so grateful to have met a couple so passionate about helping others. Just watch them interact with the people coming though their studio and you can see how engaged and dedicated they are. I cant say enough about them. Thank you for all you do Doug and Joan!

~ Nicole Hodac, Huber Heights
Registered Dietician & Photographer

I took my first Zumba class a couple years ago where I work, and was so excited to find a fitness program that I actually looked forward to attending! I had tried other aerobics classes and videos at home, but was never willing and/or able to stick with anything. With Zumba I couldn’t WAIT for the next class! I LOVED the music, and the choreography! The challenge of learning the steps captivated my attention and for the first time I didn’t compare myself to other people in the class!

Unfortunately, my instructor did not teach classes over the summers and after trying other instructors I learned that I’m picky and just didn’t enjoy the other classes. I lost touch with Zumba, then a friend recommended The Studio Fitness so I decided to check it out so I could continue with Zumba! The first class I came to, was Doug and Joan’s Saturday morning class. I was HOOKED! Their class had so much energy and positive influence on my mood and physical wellness!

While all the instructors at TSF are so positive and enthusiastic! I am partial to Doug and Joan’s classes, and even on my worst day find myself smiling as I fumble along with the moves! My husband has seen so much improvement in my attitude and happiness since I started coming to TSF, he never complains about me taking 3 hours to go exercise since we live an hour’s drive from the Studio. He even encourages me to go anytime he notices me slipping back into “depression” mode because we both know how just one class can bring me back to my normal cheery self!

Over the past few months, our world has been shaken by the death of a good friend’s 3 month old baby, another friend experiencing a miscarriage, and our own struggle with infertility issues as we try to start our family. This past Saturday I attended class after missing for a couple weeks and was blessed to escape my world for an hour as I laughed and smiled my way through an excellent workout.

I believe God brought me down to Vandalia for a purpose. I could take other fitness classes and even Zumba at closer facilities, but no place offers the experienced instructors and positive atmosphere that I have found at The Studio Fitness. They have made my life healthier and happier and I am so glad to have found this place!

Thank You Doug and Joan for all that you do!

~ Sarah B.
Greenville, Ohio

I had taken a few Zumba classes at the YMCA in 2009 and thought it was a lot of fun, but I was overweight and lazy.  Mainly Lazy, lol.  I lost a little weight on my own with moderate exercise and diet and was feeling ok summer 2009.  Then winter came.  I gained all of the weight; I lost PLUS 10 more pounds.  165+ pounds on a 5’4 woman is not my idea of feeling good about myself.  So around my 37th birthday I decided, ok, let’s try this again.  I attended Zumba classes at my church to get back in the groove of things, feeling comfortable around friends (I do not have the best rhythm or coordination!).  I still wasn’t completely motivated yet, but watching late night TV (and probably eating ice cream) I saw the Zumba infomercial with Beto.  I’m tapping my foot along and watching everyone and they say, “Next we’re going to travel to Ohio…….” And I saw signs of Dayton!  Next thing I know there is the lady I took Zumba from at the YMCA in 2009 and Doug and Joan Jones showing their before and after pictures and talking about how Zumba has changed their life.  Really?  LIFE changing?  Ok, I’ll bite……Called up Mr. Beto Perez personally; ok not really, just the 800 phone number advertised and ordered the DVD’s, toning sticks and ALL!  I was so excited when they came but I also thought, I have to check out this place in Vandalia and see how a place can be devoted to Zumba… it really that big?

                From the moment I walked in the door in April I have felt like I have a whole new set of friends.  Everyone is so nice and encouraging every day.  No matter what you might look like that day or the mood you’re in, someone at The Studio will say something nice to you and make you smile.  If they don’t, then get a Locoba Drink with protein from Corey at Locolicious…..that makes everyone smile!  I have never met so many people who are so happy to exercise and show others how it’s done.  Trust me, I was skeptical.  I did EVERYONES class.  Even wore my heart monitor, stride monitor, and found that no matter how much fun I was having, I was consistently burning 600-800 calories a Zumba session.  Even Beginner Zumba!

                So I was hooked, again, but I was going to try a different approach.  Let’s see how out of shape I REALLY am.  Here are my numbers from May 21, 2010 (after about a month of regular Zumba classes 2-3 times a week):

Thigh avg.  34.33             Hip Avg. 25.66                  Tricep Avg. 22                  Body Fat % 31.3

Ok, I’m a woman between the age of 30-39 and that puts me and my 155 lbs, BELOW AVERAGE!  I had lost 10 pounds over the month so I was doing good, feeling good, and noticing more energy so I thought, let’s turn up the volume a bit and do some personal training with Doug.  I really had no idea what to expect.  I had done personal training before and hated every minute of it.  I only saw minimal results and was miserable each session.  I started the second week of June and because of the “Summer Sizzle” going on I did my measurements again, about a month from the first time.

Thigh avg.  27.6              Hip Avg. 21.3                   Tricep Avg. 20.3                  Body Fat % 27.50

                I have never been so happy to be on the cusp of “average” in my life!  And I was down 5 more lbs! 

                I have to say that Doug has made personally training so fun, but so hard.  He encourages you to do beyond what you think is your best and congratulates you when you surpass what you thought your body could do.  The routines are never dull, always something different, and I always come out feeling like I have accomplished something incredible.  I WANT to go back!  Half the time I don’t want to leave after personal training, I want to stay and Zumba!

                My last measurements were taken at the end of the “Summer Sizzle” contest and I was anxious to see the results.  I had been doing Zumba for 5 months now and personal training with Doug for about 10 weeks.  I have to say I was pleased with myself without seeing the numbers.  I was wearing a bikini at my pool; I was fitting into size 10 jeans!  But, as an afterthought, here’s my numbers:

Thigh avg.  24.6              Hip Avg. 16                    Tricep Avg. 16                    Body Fat % 23.4

I AM AVERAGE BABY!!!!!!!!!!!  Just have to cross over that “23” threshold and on paper I am ABOVE average!  LOL!

                So what more can I say about the 6 months I have spent at the Studio?  I love them all!  They are great people, friends, business owners, and Zumba activists that just want to get your booty moving!  I love them so much I have signed up for their certification course to become a Zumba Basic Instructor.  I’m hoping this letter gets me brownie points with them…….JUST KIDDING! 

                I’m so happy that everyone there has accepted me and my family into The Studio Fitness family and there is nothing fake about it.  I feel good when I get there and I feel great when I leave.  I also can’t wait to go back!  So thank you Doug, Joan, Marianne, Geon, Jennifer, Lynn B, Connie, Kris, Stephanie (who has the most rockin’ abs, btw) and Corey for making my experience so wonderful that I want to continue on with it and spend 5 days out in the middle of the ocean with you people in January for The Studio Fitness Cruise!

~Emily Trost, Tipp City

Our Secret!

Most people ask us if we are sisters, we are not.

Although we may not share the same parents, we do have a secret, we share the same primarily age-related disease process, Osteoporosis. As you are probably aware, Osteoporosis is a "thinning" of the bones, which causes them to become brittle and break easily.

We will track, over the next two years, what we are doing to try to stop the progression of this disease. We will share with you the results of our Dexa-scans (a non-invasive test to diagnose Osteoporosis), as well as other life-style changes and information relating to this potentially debilitating diagnosis.

"We wish we would have known 2 years ago what we know now about the importance of strength training," says Christi.

Sharon has been on meds (Actonel) for 1 year. Christi's doctor has recommended she start meds immediately. Christi is researching her options.

Sharon, age 59
Christi, age 50
Both are residents of Vandalia & regular attendees of the Zumba® for Medium Level class.

For me life is continuously being hungry. The meaning of life is not simply to exist, to survive, but to move ahead, to go up, to achieve, to conquer.  -Arnold Schwarzenegger

Dedicated. Determined. Disciplined.
These are all words that people have used to describe me. I think that these words can be used to describe all of us in some way. We all have our priorities. Over the last three years my main priority has been fitness. Sure, I do have other priorities, but to me exercise is like brushing my teeth. I wouldn’t go a day without brushing them, so why would I go a day without exercise? Fitness is now a way of life for me. It is routine. It is my hobby. It is my passion.

I think the key in sticking with something is finding something you enjoy. I love to dance and I love upbeat music, so Zumba has been wonderful for me! I am so very thankful for Studio Zumba Fitness. After three years the excitement and joy of taking a Zumba class is stronger than ever!

As most people at the Studio know, I have lost over 60 lbs just doing Zumba. I then lost an additional 20lbs after starting Pump! (formerly known as Pump You Up) within one year. I never had my body fat tested before I started Zumba, but after about a year it was 21%. After 2 years I reached 17%. Now, 3 years later, my body fat is 13%! I have gone from buying clothes in the 22-26 size range to currently in the 4-6 range.

The studio’s weight training class, Pump! is where I was introduced to lifting weights. I was a pure beginner since I didn’t even know what a rep or a set was! In that class Doug taught me the importance of proper form and technique. I regularly attended Pump! three times a week for 2 ½ years. I always encourage people to take Pump! I certainly would not be at the level of fitness that I am now if I hadn't taken it. I now lift weights on my own 6 days a week isolating each muscle group intensely. For me the real magic of getting the body that I want begins in the weight room.

Now that I have built up endurance through Zumba and gained enough strength through weight training I have completed three races, the last one being The Arnold Classic 5K Pump and Run this last March. In that race I had to bench press 70% of my weight and then run 3 miles. In October I started to bench press with Doug and could hardly bench 100lbs for even 1 rep. Pretty pathetic! While working on my benching I would often think of a quote by Arnold Schwarzenegger “The mind is the limit. As long as the mind can envision the fact that you can do something, you can do it, as long as you really believe 100 percent.” After 5 months of training not only my body, but also my mind, I benched 100lbs for 15 reps on race day!

Nutrition has been a very important factor in losing weight and keeping the weight off. I have learned so much and am continuing to learn. One of the most important aspects that I have learned about nutrition is you have to eat!! I expect my body to work for me at 100% all day everyday, especially when I’m working out, so in return, I feed it! Every 2-4 hours I eat lean protein and complex carbohydrate. I eat before and after a workout and an hour before bed. I still have my favorites~Mexican, pizza, kung pao chicken and of course peppermint patties, but I have learned to make these dishes in a healthy way at home (except for the peppermint patties, I buy them :-]). Deprivation and starvation only lead to binging and being skinny fat! I want to be healthy, muscular, feminine and enjoy food!

So, what’s next? More races? Get involved in a sport? Martial arts? A physique competition? As my mom would say, “We’ll see”. I do know that I will continue to add classes to my swipe card at the STUDIO and lift weights with even more vigor. I suppose my ultimate goal is to create as many weaknesses in my physique as I can with the intention of having the best physique possible.

Angela Cade
Age 33
Troy, Ohio
Critical Care Nurse, RN

Women Must Exercise an Hour Each Day to Stay Lean, Study Says   “Wouldn’t it be better to prevent the weight gain in the first place, so you don’t have to subsequently lose weight and maintain that weight loss?” said Lee, an associate professor at Brigham and Woman’s Hospital and Harvard Medical School in Boston, in a March 19 telephone interview. “If you’re a healthy weight and you want to prevent weight gain over time, you need to be physically active at least 60 minutes a day.”  Read the full article...

Barbara Harbor Evert, MD and Vice President / Chief Medical Officer
at the Upper Valley Medical Center in Troy, OH says
"An hour a day at STUDIO Zumba® Fitness is the prescription!"


When asked why I drive from Springfield to The STUDIO in Vandalia, my answer is always the same, why wouldn't I. If your goals are to better your health, lose some weight and just to have fun, then this IS the place. With all the different styles of Zumba, strength/toning classes, personal training, Masala Bhangra, Yoga/Pilates Fusion classes to choose from it is an easy choice to make each day. To call the Yoga/Pilates Fusion class and instructor Velvet exceptional would be an understatement. I have been personal training in yoga with Velvet for several months. She has helped me to grow in ways I did not think were possible. Her classes are so necessary and important for the development of core strength and balance which helps in all areas of life. Combined with the cardio of Zumba and Bhangra I have a very well rounded program. They compliment each other so well and Bhangra is amazing in its own right.

Much of my success I contribute to the thorough knowledge, dedication and encouragement of the whole team of instructors. The enthusiasm that they bring to each class is unmatched. One thing that I always say about The STUDIO is that you are treated on your hundredth visit the same as you were treated on your first. Doug and Joan's devotion to their clients, The STUDIO and their staff is exceptional and rare. With all that they offer, regular classes and so many special events it is accessible to most anyone, whatever your needs. I also feel compelled to mention the other clients of the studio, I have rarely met a more friendly group of people, always willing to be helpful or just to offer a smile. It would also be remiss of me if I did not mention Locolicious Juice and Coffee Bar, it is the after workout treat that brings it all together for me.

~ Dottie J. Clark, Springfield

Special thanks to Dottie: Doug & Joan and the entire staff appreciate all your kind words. We are thankful for YOU!

Pump You Up Instructor Kris, Holiday Express in 8 program winner Tara,
Pump You Up
Instructor Doug

STUDIO Zumba Fitness is absolutely amazing and has changed my life! I have attended classes at STUDIO Zumba Fitness for nearly a year and enjoy every instructor's intense workouts. The instructors exhibit high levels of energy, are friendly, willing to help you with dance moves or proper form for weight lifting, and have all inspired me to want to workout on a daily basis. In order to see maximum results, they have encouraged me to incorporate both cardio and weight training classes into my workout routine.

In November of 2009, I decided to take part in the STUDIO Zumba Fitness program "Holiday Express in 8." I joined the program with some of the teachers I teach with and they made a great support system! For eight weeks I attended both cardio and strength training classes with a variety of instructors. This gave me the opportunity to attend new classes, classes I did not think I had an interest in, but now I do! It also gave me the chance to experience new instructors and learn new routines and dance moves. The program helped me maintain my weight throughout the holiday season. More importantly, I feel healthier. I can see a difference in my body and I feel stronger. Attending the classes regularly helped me build up my endurance level.

The owners of STUDIO Zumba Fitness, Doug and Joan, are sensational! They both teach classes and I enjoy working out with them. They run a very successful studio, have the highest quality instructors working for them, and will once again be voted the Best Fitness Center in Dayton in 2010 like they were in 2009!

Winning the drawing for the "Holiday Express in 8" program was awesome! I love the fact that I can attend any class I want for the next two weeks. However, I was a winner the first time I came to STUDIO Zumba Fitness. I won the opportunity to workout with some of the finest instructors as well as excellent men and women who attend the classes!!! STUDIO Zumba Fitness has the friendliest owners, instructors, and participants!

~Tara Judge

Susan, Tara - Holiday Express in 8 program winner and Amanda


STUDIO Zumba® Fitness is pleased to announce that $1,300 was raised today for
the Haiti Earthquake Relief!  Thanks to everyone who attended and donated, and a very special THANKS to the ZES mystery guest - Maria Browning!

All donations are being sent to the American Red Cross.

As a health care provider, I understand the important role that diet and exercise play in a healthy lifestyle. Studio Zumba Fitness classes, personal training with Doug and the great -tasting nutritious smoothies and juices from Locolicious Natural Juice & Coffee Bar keep me looking and feeling my best. All this at an affordable price too!

~ Angela Rothstein

I love Zumba® Fitness and decided I wanted to open a Fitness Center here in Southern California that would focus primarily on Zumba® Fitness Classes. I found STUDIO Zumba® Fitness online and contacted Joan to inquire if we could arrange a visit to see what their STUDIO was like. Joan and Doug were very gracious and even though they were having a special event which was sold out, they invited us to come and see them. Their STUDIO Zumba® Fitness is amazing, it is welcoming, comfortable and a great place to go workout. This visit solidified that my idea could work. I hope we can make it as good as STUDIO Zumba®  Fitness and that people will love to come to our center as much as they do Joan and Doug’s Studio.

~ Diane and Steve Kapitan
Southern California

WOW!!!! After losing 180 lbs. . .ZUMBA® has taught me how to safely keep in great sculpted shape, motivated & enjoy the camaraderie of all the classmates.  Thank you, Doug & Joan.

P.S.  Maddie will be joining us on the STUDIO Zumba® Fitness cruise!

~ Maddie

I have been taking Zumba® classes occasionally along with weight training, elliptical, and jogging off and on for 3 years. However, I just started taking classes at STUDIO Zumba® Fitness for just over 12 weeks. This is definitely my favorite place to work out and I actually look forward to the classes.

Doug, Joan and Angie, and the other instructors make it fun and REALLY know what they are doing. The Trim in 12 program gave me the incentive to step it up a notch. I did and I lost 4.3% body fat during this program. My clothes fit better and I had a great time during my workouts.

~ Shannon Flynn

Dear Joan, Doug, Studio Zumba® Instructors, Students and Friends...
I just want to share with you all my added success with the Trim in 12 program. As you know I was already working out regularly doing Pump You Up and Zumba® several times a week before the program and I lost several pounds and many inches.... And I didn't really have a whole lot more to lose but...Doing the Trim in 12 program kept me on track and I am happy to report that my weight is now fluctuating between 118 and 121 and I lost 2% more of body fat.

I don't do any "diet" but I certainly try to be more conscious of what I am nibbling on.
I have 2 more percentage points of body fat to lose to get to my "goal" and I have no doubt that the Trimmer in 12 XTREME will keep me on track!

Thanks to all of you and I mean "ALL" of you, including fellow students who have encouraged me and noticed that I am getting more toned and looking "buff". Your support and words of encouragement mean the world to me!

Your Zumba® Friend Forever,

Let me start off by giving a big thanks to Doug, Joan, and everyone else involved at STUDIO Zumba® Fitness. When I started Zumba® in September of 2008, I did not feel like I was seeing the results I wanted because I was not dedicating myself to it. When the Trim in 12 came along, it pushed me to work out every single week, 3 times a week. It made me become more motivated and by the second week, I knew that it was going to work. Not only did I work out, but I also ate better. About 5 weeks ago, I started a healthy eating program online because I needed to eat healthier and could not seem to do that by myself. Many people think that is a diet, but I have to disagree. I still eat everything that I want to, I just don't eat as much. I've cut out most fast food (because it doesn't taste good anymore), and stopped eating late at night. Don't let me fool you though because I still pig out on the weekends! I can say that being on the healthy eating plan has helped me, but there is absolutely NO way that I would be where I am without being a part of STUDIO Zumba® Fitness. I was not very heavy to start with, but I still had insecurities and going to Zumba® has really boosted my self-esteem. Also, working out at other gyms has not felt the same for me as going to STUDIO Zumba® Fitness has. When I heard all the hype about it before I started, I was so nervous that everyone would look at me and I would feel weird "dancing" while working out. The amazing thing about that is, I do not feel weird at all! Everyone is there for the same purpose and no one cares how you fit into your clothes, or how silly you may look while you dance! Everyone I have met while attending has been extremely genuine and so happy with each others accomplishments. The mix between the people, atmosphere and work outs have made me feel comfortable with myself. If you are not seeing results, keep doing it and NEVER let it get you down. I realized that each body changes at a different pace and if you stay with it long enough, you will be very happy with yourself. So far I have lost 14 pounds and 6% body fat and plan on losing more with the newest Xtreme Trim in 12 program. I still cannot explain how happy ( and shocked) I was when Angie gave me my results. I am more than glad that I am able to share my story with everyone and I truly hope that someone else will benefit from my success.

~ Desiree

Saturday night was the BEST time that I've had this year! It was like a gift and I loved it! You and Doug are absolutely fabulous and Studio Zumba® Fitness is the BEST fitness facility I've ever trained with. All I can say about Loibel is that she is a STAR! It was an HONOR training with her - I'm humbled and extremely thankful for the opportunity!!

I've been very active in the fitness community for over 20 years - be it running, yoga, and/or many aerobics/fitness classes. I've never seen anybody of that caliber -she is truly special.

You and Doug are first class!

~ Donna :-)


For just over one year now, I have taken advantage of the weight training and Zumba classes offered at STUDIO Zumba® Fitness. While the combination of weights and Zumba has made such a profound effect in life (in terms of weight loss and body sculpting), personal training at STUDIO Zumba® Fitness helped me in an even more profound way…

In October of 2008, I had major abdominal surgery and a 6 week convalescent period thereafter. Prior to my surgery (and up to two nights before the procedure), I was partaking in 9-12 Zumba classes and 2-3 weight training classes a week So naturally, I was more than ready to jump back in to my fitness routine after clearance from my doctor. My spirit was ready to fly, but my body was not quite as exuberant.

I decided to take some personal training sessions with Angie, an Exercise Physiologist and a Health/Fitness instructor through the American College of Sports Medicine. In my sessions, Angie made me work on some abdominal rehabilitation exercises, but even more importantly, she was able to assess my numbers in hand held weights. I knew that within my 6 week recovery period, my numbers would drop. With Angie’s expertise I was able to determine where to begin again after my surgery. She also showed me how to make modifications on the abdominal exercises. So when I came back to a “Pump You Up” class, I was ready! I knew my post-surgery numbers and what modifications to incorporate.

I do have a side note to my story:
Being in excellent shape prior to my surgery was an added bonus to the ease of the surgery, the excellent (no complications) recovery period and the will to get back in to my fitness routine.

~ Marianne Pitts

In this day and age where most people you meet are only concerned about themselves; where most places you go just want to get you in and out - it is nice to find a place like STUDIO Zumba® Fitness.

STUDIO Zumba® Fitness is like a breath of fresh air. As soon as you walk in the bright colors and cheerful atmosphere greet you happily. The appreciation for your time and business is sincere and genuine.

You’ll be able to see that there is a lot of time and thought put into the class schedules, there is a lot of attention to the quality of instructors. All is done to give you the best experience possible. A fun and joyful experience. You will want to return!!!
You might even crave it like some us do ;-)

I don’t go to STUDIO Zumba® Fitness JUST to get a good workout to help my weight loss goals. I go to STUDIO Zumba® Fitness to refresh my attitude, to renew my spirit and to get the best Zumba workout in the area.

My motto: Zumba & STUDIO Zumba® Fitness go hand in hand. You can’t have one without the other. And BOTH are good for the mind, body and soul.

~ Tammy Karnehm

"Pond Orthodontics supports staff fitness through STUDIO Zumba® Fitness. Not only is it great cardio, it's actually fun! We provide our staff with free punch cards and encourage participation in Get Your TEAM ON. The reward for our teams in the top 10 will be to join STUDIO Zumba® Fitness on the February cruise!" 
~Dr. Liza Pond, DDS, MSD

Springtime…another season of change and thanks to STUDIO Zumba® Fitness, my waistline isn’t another size bigger. You will never know how many seasons would change along with the uncertainty of what size I would be this season.

All of that changed when I really became committed to Zumba® and started watching my portions. I really started seeing results when I added the Zumba® Toning classes into my schedule. They really made a huge difference with how my clothes fit and my overall health. I think the key to my success is REALLY being committed. When going to Zumba® became a commitment rather than just something fun that I liked to do once in a while, I really started to see results. I am now down about 2 pant sizes and over 20lbs. I feel great and have more energy to keep up with my children.

My name is Jenn Kroeker and most of you know me as the “holla out” girl in the Zumba® class. I am a wife and mother and like most people on the planet, have a very full life. Zumba® has been a wonderful outlet for me to have fun and do something for myself. I give to my family all day long and I find that doing something for yourself is very important to your overall health. Schedule time for yourself--put your name down on the family calendar and let everyone know…I am going to Zumba®.

I am so thankful to Doug and Joan for opening up SZ and for having so many classes available. They make it so easy to find time for “ME”…to get my Zumba® Groove on!!

See you in class!

~ Jenn Kroeker

I’m a 43-year-old mother of two teenagers who has spent the greatest majority of my life believing that “exercise” was a four-letter word. And “organized exercise” – classes where groups of people look like they are actually having fun while getting in shape – unfortunately, that’s not really for me, either. I’m not anti-social. . .just on the shy side and I don’t always feel very comfortable in group settings. Especially when it comes to something that I lack confidence in, like having the coordination and strength for certain exercise activities. . .that is why I absolutely LOVE my Personal Training sessions with Doug.

Not only is it great having one-on-one sessions with someone very knowledgeable about health and fitness, but I don’t have to worry about anyone (other than Doug!) watching or critiquing me. I get personalized attention so that I maintain proper form while strength training and encouragement when I feel like quitting.

I’ve been working out about three times a week since early April, and I am amazed at the changes I already see and feel in my body. I feel stronger, I see muscle definition that I’ve never had before, and even more amazing. . .I look forward to my sessions. I can’t tell you how many excuses I have used in the past to avoid working out. . .now I find ways to justify fitting it into my very busy schedule. The flexibility is wonderful – if my normal day/time won’t work for a session, Doug reschedules it so that I can still get my basic routines in a week.

While group classes certainly work for the greatest majority of people, I encourage anyone who has hesitated to start an exercise program because of the “fear factor” to consider giving Personal Training sessions a try. It makes you more accountable and it gets you into a set routine quickly. I really look forward to continuing with this fitness regiment for a long time. . .and luckily it never gets boring, as Angie also helps Doug come up with new routines and exercises. I’m receiving the benefits of two very qualified professionals, and I couldn’t be happier with the results.

~ PC Paula

We are very fortunate to be living in Dayton, Ohio. Some people may not agree with that statement in terms of the loss of industry or other factors. What we have unique to our community that is the envy of many cities even larger is STUDIO Zumba® Fitness in Vandalia. I’ve been taking Zumba® for more than two years and coming to SZ since its inception. I only wish I would have had access to the option of beginner classes and “Pump You Up” that are now offered. The instructors are extremely accommodating and take the time to talk with me before or after class if I have questions about techniques and choreography. As someone who experienced chronic knee issues after doing fifteen years of step aerobics, I’m thankful for the wood flooring not available at many other venues in the community. I’m also very appreciative of having been exposed to the special events that have taken place such as Zumba® founder Beto coming to Dayton along with Tony Witt from Kansas City in addition to “Men’s Night” and the “Zumba Exposed” program. It’s been fascinating to take classes from most of these certified professionals to gain insight into how each class is different in terms of the music and choreography. My special thanks to Doug and Joan, Stephanie and Heather for whipping this 48-year-old man into the best shape of my life. Inspiration leads to perspiration and for me lots of it.

~ Barney