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12 Loops Yoga Stretch Strap for Physical Therapy with Exercise Instruction

12 Loops Yoga Stretch Strap for Physical Therapy with Exercise Instruction

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  • Includes one black stretch strap with exercise instruction.
  • DURABLE MULTI-LOOP STRAP:8' woven nylon strap with 12 individual loops, proven is comfortably sized to work for any individual, will not easily wear or tear even with heavy use.
  • STRETCH SAFELY AND EFFECTIVELY:Extra long stretch strap facilitates a safe and effective full body stretch,assist with hard-to-reach poses.Perfect for yoga, Pilates, ballet,warm up,CrossFit and physical therapy.
  • IMPROVE YOUR FLEXIBILITY:Multigrip stretch strap provides additional stability during unassisted stretches and poses,improves flexibility while reducing the risk of injury.
  • PORTABLE AND EASY TO USE:Beginner friendly with soft and stretchy loops.No buckles,no need to tie knots.You can carry it everywhere.

Benefits of a Yoga Strap

The most important benefit of a yoga strap is lowering your risk of injury on the mat. At the same time, yoga straps can also help

  • Maintain alignment
  • Improve flexibility without risk
  • Increase your range of motion
  • Strengthen and lengthen muscles
  • Advance into challenging poses
  • Prevent overextension

With a yoga strap, you can pull yourself a little closer toward touching your toes in a Forward Fold without crunching your back downward. It can also help extend your arm toward your leg in Standing Hand to Big Toe pose without destabilizing your balance and alignment.

You can adjust the strap to a shorter length to help you practice challenging hand binds without over-twisting your back. Moreover, you can use a yoga strap to strengthen your shoulders, arms, glutes, and core.

With gentle tension, the strap can still facilitate deep relieving stretches. It ensures you stay in alignment while trying new poses, yet still helps you enjoy that feeling of accomplishment from advancing in your practice.

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